6/22 -  Senior Championship  game for tonight has been canceled due to water on the diamond. ...stay tuned for re-schedule date/time !  

Rookie 7 Championship game still on, but postponed until 7p


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Thank you everyone for working hard and making the fundraiser a success. We raised over $22,000.00 and individual and team awards will be announced soon.

Now it is time to give some money to our winners!!!

We held our first drawing and congratulations to our first 5 winners

Rhonda Dreiman  $100.00
Bob Lohr -        $200.00
David Everett - $300.00
Mike Delaney - $400.00
Jane Williams - $500.00

Week 2:
Joe Villanueva   $100.00
Melissa Oliver    $200.00
Sean Delaney    $300.00
Julie Woolwine   $400.00
Gabe Dalton       $500.00

Sunny Kapoor  $100.00
Matt Smith        $200.00
Hank Twilt         $300.00
Doug Davies     $400.00
Jennifer Bierregaard  $500.00

Final Week Winners are:
Megan Schornick    $500.00
Becky Cardinale      $500.00
Cory Williams          $500.00
Troy Jackson           $500.00
Stacy Reed              $500.00

We will hold another drawing next Monday night and post them Tuesday

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